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The Teaching of Other Faiths

Each year group looks in detail at a different faith during our 'Other Faith's Week'. The aim is that all the children will explore each of the main world religions as they move through the school. We use a range of resources in school to support the teaching of other faiths. 


In Year 5, one of their topics in 'The Way, The Truth and The Life' looks at some of the major world religions as well. Year 6 focus on Early Islamic Civilisation in history, this links with their RE learning of the Islamic faith.


Foundation Stage - Christianity 

Year 1 - Hinduism

Year 2 - Judaism

Year 3 - Orthodox 

Year 4 - Buddhism

Year 5 - Sikhism

Year 6 - Islam

2023 Other Faith's Week

2022 Other Faith's Week

2018 Other Faith's Week