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Exam and Assessment Results

 National Testing 2022


After two years of disrupted learning, the National Curriculum Assessment tests also commonly known as SATs took place again. 

Year 1 took part in a phonics screen, Year 2 the end of KS1 (Key stage One) SATs, Year 4 the multiplication tables check and Y6 the end of KS2 SATs.

We are, as always, incredibly proud of our children and all that they have manged to achieve.


Key Stage 2 pupils take tests in:

  • Reading
  • Maths
  • Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling


Outcomes are reported as scaled scores ranging from 80-120. A scaled score of 100 is the expected standard. A scaled score of 110+ indicates that a child is “working at greater depth” (GD-higher standard).


Writing is based on teacher assessment and was this year moderated with the Local Authority. 


Multiplication Tables Check Y4

The national curriculum expects all children to accurately recall the multiplication facts to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4.

Children who have mastered the times tables will be able to more effectively access Year 5 maths, such as further fractions work and more complex written calculations.

There is no ‘pass mark’ for the check and individual school results are not published nationally.

Multiplication Tables Check Y4National School
20 or abovenot published87%
16 or above80%97%


Key Stage One 


Key stage one children sit tests in Maths and reading. Writing was this year moderated with the local authority.

% children reaching the EXPECTED standard EXSSchoolLocal schoolsNational% at Higher Standard/ Greater DepthSchoolLocal SchoolsNational 
2019 907675 836713 
2020/21 - no SATs due to Covid        
2022832667 401818 
2019867169 241515 
2020/21 - no SATs due to Covid        
2022836767 1388 
2019937861 282222 
2020/21 - no SATs due to Covid        
2022806368 271415 


Phonic screen for year one children.

Children in year one take part in a screen of their phonic knowledge at the end of the academic year. Usually June. 

YEAR 1          Number of eligible Pupils        % National Average % Achieving threshold              
2022 3075% 93%
2021 30No published Data 90%
2020  (Taken as year 2 due to Covid) 30No published Data 87%
2019 3082% 90%
2018 3083% 87%
2017 3081% 100%