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Please note the E-safety crew have been re-branded as 'Digital Leaders' as of 2018/2019. Anyone wishing to be a Digital Leader should read the Job Description below and apply. Application forms can be collected from Mrs Brooker.

Preference will be given to Y6 and Y5 but any good application from anyone in KS 2 will be considered.

Safer Internet Day 2019


This took place on Tuesday 5th February and was mainly around the theme of keeping safe by being aware of consent and permissions online.

Please see the 'Latest News' and class pages for more information.

Safer Internet Day 2018

This year Safer Internet day took place on February 6th and the theme was "Create, Connect and share respect. A better internet starts with you..."


The day began with the E-Safety Crew leading a whole school assembly. 


During the day they visited some of the other year groups and supported quizzes, activities and learning.

.Safer Internet Day 2017

This year's theme is...'Be the change: unite for a better internet' and as usual your E-Safety crew will be leading an assembly and activities throughout the day to explore how we can all make the internet a safe and great place for everyone.

Safer Internet Day 2016


The Day began with a special assembly hosted by the E-Safety Crew. The theme of the assembly was

‘Play your part for a better internet!’


The E-Safety crew asked questions such as “What do you like to do online?”, “What would the world be like if we turned off the internet?” and “Does everyone always feel welcome online?” Everyone had a lot to say and we were amazed by how many children now have access to the internet, as well as their own tablet, PC or smartphone.


One of the key messages that came out of the assembly was the importance of children telling an adult if they are worried or upset by anything they have seen on the internet. Year 5 and 6 pupils also felt more confident in blocking or reporting comments and users themselves.


We all agreed that the internet is a place where we can share our ideas and opinions, but no one has the right to hurt others or encourage others to hate people.


You can read a full report about what each class did below.

Report on Safer Internet Day 2016 at St Thomas'

Demi Suggests improvements to

Demi in Class 6, emailed with a suggestion on how to make their e-safety website even better. They review sites, apps and games for parents and children to give guidelines on suitability and content. Currently you have to earch by A-Z or most popular. Demi's idea was to suggest that children can search by age group, to guide them directly to sites, apps and games that are appropriate. Here is the reply she received. Netaware are looking at ways to make this possible!


Hi Demi,


Thank you for your email.


Unfortunately it isn’t possible to search by age on Net Aware at the moment but that sounds like a really good idea so we will definitely look into it and see if it is something we could do.


Thank you


The Online Safety Team

Email signature for the new brand


Weston House, 42 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3NH
020 7825 2500


We also heard from the Online Protection Education Adviser who also loved Demi's suggestion:


Dear Mr Blomfield,
That’s great and what a fantastic idea! I think it’s A to Z only at the moment so fingers crossed the Netaware team are able to add that idea in.
Rebecca Avery | Education Safeguarding Adviser (Online Protection) | Telephone:  | |


New E-Safety Ambassador Training!

On Tuesday 10th February, schools around the country celebrated Safer Internet Day (SID) for the twelfth year running.


At St Thomas’s Catholic Primary school in Canterbury, members of the ‘eSafety Crew’ conducted a special survey of the online behaviour of all pupils in the school and made some surprising discoveries. The outcomes were delivered in the schools special eSafety assembly.


Key questions that were asked included, ‘How often do you use the internet?’ and ‘Do you need to ask anyone’s permission to go on the internet?’ Almost half of the children were found to use the internet every day and (surprisingly) more than half did not have to ask for permission to use the internet at home. Most children said that they stayed online for between one and two hours per day, although a minority admitted to much longer periods of up to 3-4 hours each day.


A key findings of the survey was that most primary aged children did not use social networking sites, such as Facebook. The vast majority prefer online gaming and YouTube in particular. Pupils have become more familiar with ‘Vlogs’ (or ‘video blogs’) and ‘Vines (comic short videos that have gone viral). They love computer gaming – but do not always understand the PEGI age ratings.


Mr Blomfield, Assistant Headteacher at St Thomas’s said, “We are really proud of our eSafety Crew. They are helping to spread the message about safer use of the internet around the school and into homes. This is a vital part of our new computing curriculum in school.”


The assembly homed in on advising children to go online with their families, in shared rooms rather than bedrooms. The eSafety crew also encouraged pupils to help teach their parents more about PEGI ratings and how to keep all of the family safe online.‚Äč