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Digital Safety (Online Safety)

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Digital technology now includes much more than just the family computer. There are flat-screen television sets and tablets in most houses, and digital TV channels or films that you can watch on-demand on a variety of different devices.  Smart phones and web enabled games consoles are carried by children as well as adults. They include mobile phones, digital cameras, and access to thousands of ‘Apps’, podcasts and music tracks. Young people are able to communicate with others using social networking sites including Instagram and Snapchat, DM such as Whats App  as well as video conferencing sites such as via ‘Skype’ and 'Facetime' etc.

At St Thomas’ Catholic Primary school we are developing our digital education with the new technologies in mind. We are keen to hear families’ views and experiences in order to develop pupil’s safety awareness at school, in the home as well as in the wider community.

Our Internet, Our Choice Report- How our children use the Internet...

Online Safety Policy