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Thank you everyone for your support for the Reverse Advent Calendar.  Canterbury Food Bank came to collect all of our donations.

School Council 2023-2024

Meet you School Council Members 2022-2023

Hello, we are the School Council of 2022-2023.


We were all voted to be on School Council by each of our classes.  We all wanted to be School Council Members, along with many other students, but we were chosen because……

  • We all want our school to be a better place.
  • We wanted to help people less fortunate than us
  • We like helping people in our community.
  • We all wanted the opportunity to help people.

So far we have……

  • Met Ben Fitter Harding, Leader of Canterbury City Council.
  • Selected ‘Catching Lives’ as our charity for the year and met with one of their team.


We are thinking about how King Charles III has asked us to perform acts of service as part of his coronation in May.  So we are thinking about this and we will be collecting all the ideas from every class very shortly.

Ben Fitter Harding, the Leader of Canterbury City Council came to one of our School Council Meetings.  He answered all our questions about his role as well as giving us some good advice.  

School Council 2021-2022

Your school council members

The School Council's mission is to make the school a better place for everyone.

If you have any ideas please come and tell us as every voice matters.

This term we have successfully added vinegar to fish and chips! You asked, we listened and we did it for you!

Our School Council Members 2019-2020

As School Council this year we want to: help those less fortunate than us by donating to charity, work with other school councils, see how Canterbury City Council works and let the voice of the children be heard in our school.


Reverse Advent Calendar

Thank you for all of your kind donations - Canterbury Food Bank were very grateful.  

Your School Council Members 2018-2019

Our new School Council has been working for you since the elections in Term 1.  Please do make sure that you talk to them to share your thoughts and views as to how you want to shape our school.

Our next project is looking at how we are treating the world around us and seeing what we can do to look after the world better.  To find out more, please ask your school council member.

St. Thomas' annual talent show will be taking place in July.  More details will be coming soon.  Remember that school council will be the judges - who do you think will model themselves on Simon Cowell?

NSPCC Dance-a-thon

We are very proud of organising the dance-a-thon across the whole school raising money for this excellent charity. Have a look at photographs below of us all taking part in our sponsored event.  We think that the teachers enjoyed the dancing a little bit more than the children!!!

Thank you! 

School council organised a reverse Advent Calendar again this December with all donations going to Canterbury Food Bank. They waited outside in the cold and rain every morning to collect your donations and you have all been very generous so thank you all very much!

Don't forget our Reverse Advent Calendar. 


Dear Parents


As School Council were so successful last year, we have decided that we would like to carry on the tradition of a reverse Advent Calendar.


We would like to donate to Canterbury Food Bank to those in need.


Everyday throughout December we will be by the school gates with the Food Bank bin waiting for your donations.


On the back of this letter are the items most needed by the Food Bank.


Thank you very much for your support in this, we hope to make this Christmas a happy Christmas for everyone!


Merry Christmas.



Yours Sincerely,



The School Council




Canterbury Food Bank is stocked entirely by the generosity of the local community. Below is a shopping list of the food we need. These specific items are requested to enable us to make up nutritionally balanced food parcels. Please note, we cannot accept fresh food, razors or alcohol.


  • Jam

  • Tinned carrots

  • Washing powder and household cleaning items

  • Sugar

  • Long life milk (semi skimmed and whole)

  • Biscuits (plus individually wrapped biscuits)

  • Pasta Sauce

  • Tinned or powdered potatoes







School Council 2017-2018

Our school councillors were elected way back in  September and have had a  very busy year.  We are all very grateful for all that they have done for the school.


School Council members have shown dedication and a real maturity in the way that they have planned events and thought of ways that we can make our school the best in the land.  Their first action was to write to Ms. Millerchip to ask for ketchup on a Friday to go with fish and chips day. 


School council members are currently auditioning the school for our yearly talent show - I think they might even be more critical than X Factor judges!


School Council have  worked with Canterbury City Council on their Clean Air initiative.  School Council gave a rather thought provoking presentation in Golden Assembly explaining the dangers of pollution and our role in limiting it.  They launched a competition to design a poster encouraging parents to turn off their engines when waiting to collect their children at the end of the day.

The competition winners were Harry and Isabell, both in Year 2. They were lucky enough to meet Canterbury's Sherriff and have their photograph in the local paper.



School Council  particularly enjoyed being a part of the interview process for key staffing appointments made this year when they got to write and ask their own questions for the roles of Deputy Headteacher and Caretaker.  Both Mrs. Brooker and Mr. Apps thought that School Council's questions were tougher than those asked by our governors!  But how would you answer head scratchers such as what did you want to be when you were younger and what is your favourite joke?


Finally they school council arranged a reverse Advent calendar with donations being given to Canterbury Food Bank.  Thank you to all who participated so generously to such a worthwhile cause.


Young People’s Chance To Have Their Say


Canterbury City Council is encouraging local children & young people, to complete their Young Residents’ Survey .


We feel it is very important that young people are given the chance to influence their local community and services in the Canterbury district including Canterbury, Herne Bay, Whitstable and surrounding rural areas.


The results from this survey will be fed back to decision-makers so that young peoples’ views and needs can be heard. Parent Support Advisor Ms Bayly says, “It's good to see children's views being canvassed in this way.”

British Values Survey across EduCant School Councils

School Council members from St Thomas’ and other the ‘EduCant’ schools in Canterbury have come up with a survey to find out which British Values are the most important to different age groups in our local community.


The outcomes of the survey were presented at a special schools’ council meeting at the Guildhall in Canterbury in February. In addition pupils created display boards about their favourite British values. The venue was provided by Matthew Archer of the Democratic Services Team, Canterbury City Council. Mr. Archer presented to the school councils who attended. He said how impressed he was by the results of the survey and the contributions made by the students.


Participating schools included: St Thomas’ Catholic Primary, St Peter’s Methodist Primary School, Blean Primary School, and Chartham Primary School.


Miss D’Agostini said, “We have been overwhelmed by the response to the pupil’s survey. It is clear that different age groups prefer different values – but the enduring ideals still hold true.”


The survey asked anonymous participants to vote on a wide selection of values including: democracy, politeness, tolerance, hard work, freedom speech and many more. Early results indicate that top of the list for adults is the NHS – a free national health service for all, closely followed by family values and good manners. The age and gender of the participants has also been recorded in order to give an intergenerational comparison of the values. The DfE has launched a consultation to promote British values in schools around the country.