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Year 5 RE Celebration - Wednesday 7th February 2024  Inspirational People


Today we shared the learning from our work on inspirational people. The children wrote the RE celebration themselves and were proud to share this with lots of our parents! The children talked about what makes an inspirational person and how Jesus taught us the beatitudes to help us follow His example. They also acted out the life of Pier Giorgio who was known as ‘the boy of the eight beatitudes’.

Year 2 RE Celebration 5th February 2024   The Good News of Christ

Year 2 shared their RE learning with their families by acting out some of the miracles that Jesus performed.  From these miracles, the children learned that Jesus was truly human from the way he cared about others but also like God in the way he had holy powers to help those in need.

Jesus Feeds 5000 People.

Jesus Heals The Paralysed Man.

Jesus Heals The Ten Men With Leprosy.

Wednesday 31st January 2024

RE Celebration


During year 4's RE Celebration, we showed our parents some of our learning so far.


The focus was explaining about Jesus the Teacher, which was achieved through acting out a scene from scripture – The presentation of Jesus in the Temple.

Litter Angels Winners - Rosie Duffield visits Year 5!


We were very lucky this afternoon to have a visit from our MP, Rosie Duffield! She came in to announce the winner and runners up for the Litter Angels competition we entered earlier in the year! All of the posters were incredible! We knew it was important to share this important message with as many people as possible, we are all stewards of God''s creation and have a responsibility to care for our world.


Our runners up were:





Our class winner was...




Well done!


Here are some pictures of our afternoon!


Look out for all of the posters, which will be put up around the school gates soon!


Well done year 5, I am so proud of you!

Year 5 Class Assembly - Thursday 18th January 2024


Today year 5 shared their learning with the whole school and parents from term 3 so far. They have already looked at so much and tried to fit in as much as they could! They shared their learning of long multiplication in maths, expanded noun phrases in English, inspirational people in RE, earth and space in science, drawing eyes in art and learning to play the glockenspiel in music. As well as sharing some of their singing. 

St Nicolas Carol Concert in Canterbury Cathedral


On Sunday 10th December 2023 a large number of year 5 joined other local schools to sing at the St Nicolas concert in Canterbury Cathedral. The children were all absolutely fantastic and sang beautifully. The represented St Thomas' wonderfully!

Advent in school


We have been busy in St Thomas' preparing for the Christmas season. We have been celebrating the start of Advent with key stage assemblies about Advent and each class has put together their own Christmas display sharing their part in our whole school Nativity. These have been displayed outside each classroom along the corridor and they look fabulous!

The Rosary


During the moth of October we Pray the Rosary. Here is a guide about what the Rosary is and how to pray the Rosary.

Year 5 RE Celebration - Creation - Monday 16th October 2023


We welcomed parents into class to share our RE learning from this term. We have been looking at Creation. We got into groups and each planned our different parts for the celebration. We shared what we had learned about the story of Creation from Genesis, what Stewardship is and why it is important, the story of The Fall, gave examples of two of God’s great helpers, St Martin de Porres and St Francis of Assisi, explained what co-creators and de-creators are and why it is important to not litter.

Wednesday 11th October 2023

Year 4 RE Celebration


During our class RE Celebration, we showed our parents some of our learning so far. This included bible stories, most notably the story of Abraham


The children all took part in the celebration.


Through Abraham, God shows His people that, if they have great faith and complete trust in Him, He will look after them.

Year 4 Class Assembly


Thursday 5th October was our first class assembly of the year. We shared our learning from RE, Science, English, Geography and DT. During RE the children described and acted out the story of God's call to Moses.

Year 5 Class Assembly


Year 5 shared their learning with the whole school today (28.09.23). The shared what they had been learning in a number of subjects. In their RE work they have been learning about Creation and being Stewards of the Earth. They shared the story of Creation, prayers they had written about looking after Creation and posters they have designed to encourage the people of Canterbury to stop littering. 

Start of Year Mass


We celebrated our start of year Mass this week on Friday 15th September. We welcomed the whole school and parents to celebrate the start of a new school year. Canon Anthony celebrated the Mass alongside Fr Giovanni. It was lovely to gather as a school family once again. 

Oscar Romero Award




We are incredibly proud to share that we have achieved the first level of the Oscar Romero Award. We are now at a Participator Level. 




What does this award show?

Epiphany Mass in Church

On Friday 6th January 2023, our whole school celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany, at St. Thomas' Catholic Church.

Advent Mass 2022

Nativity 2022

It was wonderful to be able to once again invite parents and carers to watch our whole school nativity at St Thomas' Church this year. All of the children were absolutely amazing. We hope you enjoy looking through this selection of photographs from the performance. 

Christmas Displays 2022


Here are the wonderful displays that each class put together to share their part of our whole school nativity.

All Saints Mass at Church

On Tuesday 21st November the whole school attended All Saints Day mass at St. Thomas' Church.

Beginning of the Year Mass at Aylesford Priory - September 2022

On Wednesday 28th September, year 6 pupils from St. Thomas’ joined pupils from a number of Kent Catholic schools at Aylesford Priory for a mass to mark the beginning of the new academic year. Mass was be celebrated by The Most Reverend John Wilson, Metropolitan Archbishop of Southwark.

Other Faiths Week 2022

The whole school took part in our annual Other Faith's week in the first week of July. It is always a wonderful celebration where the children learn about a different World faith. The children always enjoy this week and love sharing their learning. Here are some pictures of what each class looked at:

Holy Week 2022

We celebrate this special time leading up to Easter Sunday in many different ways. We hold penitential services and special reflective assemblies focusing on the key events in Holy Week.

Penitential Services

Canon Anthony and Father John visited us on Monday for Lent Penitential services.

Palm Sunday Assembly

On Tuesday, Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children shared the story of Palm Sunday, retelling the events for the rest of the school.

Last Supper

On Thursday, we took part in a whole school reflection of the Lord's Supper, where we all sat in class circles by candlelight as we heard the story of Jesus' Last Supper with his disciples.

Ash Wednesday Mass in Church - 2nd March 2022

This morning pupils and staff attended a Mass at the church to observe Ash Wednesday. Pupils from the Mini-Vinnies group gave readings.

Epiphany Mass in Church


On Thursday 6th January 2022, our whole school (and a surprise guest) celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany, at St. Thomas' Catholic Church, which was a great way to begin 2022 altogether.

Holy Week 2021

For Holy Week this year we decided it would be nice to show the Easter Story through displays outside each class room. Each class were given a different part of the story to show. We also had a week of assemblies which were pre-recorded and each class watched in their classrooms. All the children took part in various activities throughout the week. Here are some images of our displays along the corridor. 

Holy Week 2019


As part of Holy Week the whole school took part in different assemblies and activities throughout our last week of term. We started the week with Lenten Penitentials, where we had time to refelct and as for God's forgiveness. Key Stage 1 shared the story of Palm Sunday, retelling the events for the rest of the school. We took part in a whole school reflection of the Lord's Supper, where we all sat in class circles by candlelight as we heard the story of Jesus' Last Supper with his disciples. The final part of the Holy Week journey was The Way of the Cross, where Year 6 acted out the story of Jesus' final hours.


Key Stage Two also took part in other reflective services. Year's 3 and 4 took part in a Holy Week carousel in the hall, stopping at different points and creating some artwork. Year's 5 and 6 went to St Thomas' Church to follow the Stations of the Cross.


Other Faith's Week 2019


During our first week back in term 4 each class spent the whole week learning about different aspects of one of the world's major religions. All of the children worked incredibly hard and took so much for what they were looking at.


Foundation stage - Christianity

Year 1 - Hinduism

Year 2 - Judaism

Year 3 - Orthodox Church

Year 4 - Buddhism

Year 5 - Sikhism

Year 6 - Islam


We shared some of our learning with parents in golden assembly on Friday. 

We also shared our learning with this fabulous displays along the main corridor!

Nativity 2018


We had another successful whole school nativity at St Thomas' Church this year. All of the children were absolutely amazing. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.



Christmas Displays 2018


Here are the lovely displays that each class put together to share their part of our whole school nativity.


Holy Week Activities


Our last week of Term 4 is during Holy Week. As usual we have celebrated this special time leading up to Easter Sunday in many different ways. We have had various assemblies, starting with our Lent Penitential on Monday, the children were given the opportunity to speak with Fr Anthony or Fr Daniel and ask for God's forgiveness for any wrongs they have committed.


On Tuesday Key Stage 1 shared a Palm Sunday assembly with the rest of the school, which retold the story and why we celebrate it. The performing arts club also sang a lovely song during the assembly. Year 5 and 6 carried out some activities as a big group. They followed the stations of the cross, having time to reflect on each stage of Jesus' journey before he was crucified. After this they created mini canvas' which will be displayed in the new year 5 and 6 area when they move in.


On Wednesday we shared bread as Jesus did with his disciples at the Last Supper. We all sat in our class families in the hall listening to the story and reflecting while listening to quiet music. After this Year 3 and 4 worked as a group following various activities based on the themes of Holy Week.

A Journey in Love


At St Thomas' we are going to be using a new scheme to teach our Sex and Relationship Education (SRE). As of September 2019, SRE is going to be statutory in all primary schools.  After looking at a number of schemes on offer we have decided to use 'A Journey in Love'. This is a scheme that will run throughout the whole school from Reception to Year 6. It will run alongside our RE lessons and is based on Catholic Teachings.


Each class teacher has a copy of the book we will be using to support our SRE lessons.


If you have any questions at all please feel free to come and see Mrs Michael (RE leader and Year 5 teacher) or Miss D'Agostini.

Other Faith's Week 2018


In our first week of Term 4 we celebrated Other Faith's Week throughout the school. Each class looked at a different world religion and spent each afternoon investigating them. It has been another lovely week in our school looking at what people around the world believe and why.


Here are some pictures of our class displays:



Advent Displays


We have put our lovely Advent displays up in school. The children from each class made the displays themselves and represent the part each class plays in the whole school Nativity. Enjoy...

RE Achievements


Emily from Year 3 came and shared her trophy and certificate with the whole school. She had travel to Birmingham to take part in the competition. Emily said she had to talk about miracles, but she didn't find out the subject until she got to the event. This is wonderful to see one our of school family flourishing in her RE and spiritual work outside of school. Well done Emily!

Start of School Year Mass


On Friday 22nd September we held a welcome back to school mass. Fr Anthony and Fr Daniel came to celebrate this with us. We welcomed our new reception class and any other children who have joined our school family. We had lots of parents attend to celebrate with us.

Fr Daniel Visits Year 3


Year 3 were lucky enough to have a visit from Fr Daniel. The children asked lots of questions about being a priest and what this means. Here are some pictures:

Academic Year 2016-2017

Mini Vinnie's Afternoon Tea


The Mini Vinnie's held another successful afternoon tea for the parishioners of St Thomas' Church. The weather was glorious so we were able to go outside this time. There were scones, biscuits, cakes, tea and coffee. Both children and adults really enjoyed the occasion as usual!

First Holy Communion Celebration


On Friday 16th June 2017 we celebrated a special mass for those children who have made their First Holy Communion this academic year. It was a lovely mass attended by parents and the whole school. The children came dressed in their finery and looked absolutely wonderful! Congratulations to all the children who have made the next step in their faith journey.

Holy Week in School


During our last week of term before Easter we had some assemblies to show the events of Holy Week. All children took part in a Lent Penitential and the children in key stage 2 had the opportunity to go to confession with Canon Anthony or Fr Daniel, the children in Key Stage 1 shared what happened on Palm Sunday with the rest of the school, the whole school took part in a reflective assembly looking back at the Last Supper of our Lord, sharing bread with each other, year's 3 and 4 took part in a Holy Week carasel where they created different things relating to the days of Holy Week, finally, year 6 then shared The Way of the Cross with the whole school and parents.

Other Faith Week

Monday 20th February - Friday 24th February 2017


We have just had another wonderfully successful Other Faiths week in school. Each class looked at a different world religion, finding out interesting information about that religion and how it is celebrated. We enjoyed celebrating other faiths and cultures as we have such a wide variety here in school, which is what makes us so special.  Foundation Stage looked at Christianity, Year 1 looked at Hinduism, Year 2 looked at Judaism, Year 3 looked at the Orthodox Church, Year 4 looked at Buddhism, Yeah 5 looked at Sikhism and Year 6 looked at Islam. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed our week, we shared what we had learned with parents in our Golden Celebration Assembly on Friday. Here are some pictures from around the school...