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PE Curriculum Map 2020/21

Cross Country Competition 2020


On Wednesday 29th January, 14 children from across St Thomas' Catholic Primary School participated in a Cross Country competition hosted by the School Games team at Herne Bay High School.


The competition was split into large schools and small schools and we competed alongside many other small schools from the area, about 200 children in total!


Our Key Stage 1 team had to run 500 meters - no mean feat!

Congratulations to Jensen and Jolena from year 1 and Demi and Robert from year 2.


Our Key Stage 2 team was further split into categories - including year groups and boy/girl races.

Representing Year 3/4 and running 1,000 meters were (including final position in brackets):

Phoebe (4th) and Holly (20th) for the girls and Louis (16th), Jason (5th) and a huge congratulations to Ignacy (1st) for the boys.


Representing Year 5/6 and running 1,500 meters were (including final positions in brackets):

Emily (7th) and Tifi (8th) for the girls and Leo (7th), Oliver (8th) and Zerich (14th) for the boys.


All children participated with great sportsmanship, dignity and pride as they battled across a variety of challenging terrains including concrete and a rather soggy sports field.


A huge congratulations to every child who took part.


"It was brilliant, can we do it again? Next week?" - Leo (Year 6)


"It was great fun, we all did well. I am so proud of myself" - Oliver (Year 6)


"The field was a bit soggy, but it was fun" - Ignacy (Year 4)


"I loved every part of it" - Phoebe (Year 3)


"It was hard but fun" - Jolena (Year 1)

Basketball Competition 2019


On Wednesday 13th November ten children from year 5 and 6 represeted St. Thomas' at a Basketball tournament held at Herne Bay High School.


We were joined by 14 other teams from the area (15 in total) and were seperated into 3 groups of 5. Our group was labelled 'a tough group' as we had the defending champions drawn against us.


We participated well and eventually missed out on a semi-final spot by 1 point (coming 5th out of 15 teams).


A huge well done to our team: Tifi Anto, Kornelija Savicke, Stephen-Maxwell Tewiah, Emily Kuriakose, Issac Hougham-King, Noel Abraham, Rohan Litto, Zerich Tewiah, Leo Tighe and Caitlin Harmison.


"It was a very enjoybale experience and we played really well as a team" - Emily


"Our matches were hard and one team were really physical" - Caitlin


"I was so proud of our team and representing the school" - Kornelija


"We were so close to reaching the semi-final, despite that it was fun" - Rohan



Darran Challis


The children and staff here at St. Thomas' had the opportunity to workout  alongside top Invictus Game athlete Darran Challis.


Darran spent time with the children, inspiring us with his life story whilst linking sporting and Christian values. His work ethos really rubbed off on all of us.


A truly fantastic day had by all.....









PE Curriculum Map 2019/2020

We are GOLD!!!

Speedstacking at St Thomas' 2019

(led by our fabulous Year 6 play leaders)

Meet our wonderful Year 6 Playleaders for 2018-19


Year 6 Football and Netball at St Anselms (September 2018)


Key Steps Gymnastics Competition (April 2018)

A fantastic team of four children from Year 1 represented St Thomas' in the Key Steps gymnastics competition on Wednesday 25th April at Herne Bay High School.  Ligita, Louis, Leo and Isabella worked hard on a body management and floor routine that included a teddy bear roll, forward roll and box splits.  All four children attend St Thomas' gymnastics club after school on Thursdays. They received a certificate of participation and Louis Kennedy received the 'Star Gymnast' award.

Deanery Team Building Day at St Anselms (16th March 2018)

Pupils from Classes 3 and 4 visited St Anselm's School to take part in team building activities organised by GCSE students.  It was an extremely active day involving tug-of-war, bench ball, dance routines, and saving the Titanic!  Our pupils returned to St Thomas' red-faced, sweaty but most importantly, with big smiles.  Thanks to St Anselm's pupils and staff for organising this enjoyable event.

At St Thomas’ we believe in the value and importance of Physical Education for all. The whole staff are committed to continuous improvement of our PE and Sport provision, maintaining our good practice and offering high quality Physical Education in a totally inclusive environment.


The PE curriculum at St Thomas’ develops children’s knowledge, skills and understanding so that they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities.  PE promotes an understanding in children of their bodies in action, involving thoughtful selection and applying of skills whilst encouraging positive attitudes towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Through our curriculum we enable children to make informed choices about continuing to be physically active throughout their lives.


Year 6 Gymnastics. January 30th, 2018

During Term 3,  Year 6 have been learning Gymnastics on a Tuesday afternoon.  We are very fortunate to be supported by specialist teacher Mrs Steele.  Year 6 have made rapid progress in developing sequences of balances with partners.  The pictures show what the pupils have achieved through developing core muscle strength.  Mrs Steele also runs the after school netball club.  Pictures and an update on how that is going will be posted on here shortly.

Meet our wonderful Year 6 Playleaders!

Year 5 Inter-house Benchball tournament. 13 November 2017




Year 6 Play Leaders

Our Play Leaders working with Year 4 at lunchtime on Friday.

Our Play Leaders running the Change for Life club

Sports Crew's Indoor Athletics event for Year 2.