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Welcome to Year 6

Term 1


Welcome to Year 6! 


Welcome back to school everyone! I am really looking forward to getting to know you all this term as we start our new academic year. We are very lucky in year 6 this year as we have Mrs Smith as well as myself and Mrs Swinerd to support learning. Mrs Smith is a fantastic teacher who joined our school family at Easter.


We have got a very busy term ahead! Here is a quick look at what we will be learning:


Maths: We are going to be focussing on using what we know about place value, four operations and shape to answer increasingly challenging questions related to reasoning and problem solving.


English: Our book this term is 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. This book would have normally been read in term 6 of year 5 but I have asked to have it moved to this term for us as I love the book and think you all will too! We are going to following the story and getting lots of good quiality writing out of it.



Science: We are going to be learning about the circulatory system, fosuccing on the heart and how blood is pumped around the body. 


Geography: We are going to be exploring maps this term. 


RE: Our topic is 'The Kingdom of God'  We are going to looking into what this is and what it means to us as Christians.


PE: We are going to be looking at developing our netball and football skills.