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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

DT Day

This DT day we were looking at construction. We designed and constructed our own model versions of the Titanic. This is all part of our English topic this term. The children started by drawing their own sketches and deciding what materials they would use. Once they had completed their designs, the construction began!


I was so impressed with every single one of year 6 today, they all solved their own problems as they worked through their creations.


Have a look at our pictures of our brilliant day!



King's Bestiary

We took part in an art project with King's school involving medieval Bestiary. We looked at what this meant and some examples. We then created our own beast using different images of animals to make a collage. We sketched our own beast which we were going to make out of clay. In the afternoon, we used our sketches to create our clay beasts. These were then collected by staff from King's where they will be fired and glazed. They will be put on display, along with other beasts from local schools, once we know where they are we will let you all know. 


Here are some pictures of our Bestiary day...

Term 5


This term in English we have been learning all about the famous 'unskinable ship' the RMS Titanic.

The children have really loved this topic and this has shown in the work they have produced. Here are some pictures of what we have been doing.

DT Day

Sheet Materials


This term we were looking at sheet materials. Our sheet materials were paper and card. We created a 3D Christmas tree as part of our Christmas cards. We had to follow careful instructions in order for our trees to be successful.


We hope you enjoy our pictures!

Anti-bullying Week


This week in school has been Anti-bullying week. In year 6 we talked about defining what bullying is and how we can UNITE AGAINST BULLYING. We created our own jigsaw pieces that we put together to make one showing us all coming together against bullying. We also looked at some scenarios where bulling might occur and how we can resolve these and stop the situations happening in the first place. We hope you like our pictures.

Wonderful Remembrance Day Artwork


We looked at some Silhouette paintings this week and took some inspiration from them to create our own Remembrance Day inspired art using pastels.


 We are all so proud of how they look in our class window! 

Term 2


We have got another very busy term ahead! Here is a quick look at what we will be learning:


Maths: We are going on a journey of fractions this term! We will be revising some of our year 5 as well as learning new fraction skills such as dividing fractions.


English: Our book this term is 'Street Child' by Berllie Doherty. This story follows a young boy called Jim Jarvis as he tries to survive in Victorian London. It is a very emotional book which I am sure the children will love!


Science: We are going to be learning about electricity this term. 


History: We are going to be learning about the Victorians, this links in well with our English work.


RE: Our topic is 'Justice'. We will be learning what justice is and how we can fight for justice. We will be looking in detail at refugees and Blessed Oscar Romero.


PE: We are going to be looking at developing our hockey skills.

DT Day

Friday October 16th 2020


We had our first DT day in year 6 today and what a fabulous day it was! We all learnt the new skill of sewing! We all created an autumnal picture using hessian and felt. I think you will all agree that these are all absolutely fabulous! I am truly amazed with all the hard work all 30 children put into their DT work today!


Have a look at our wonderful creations... 

Holes Display


I thought I would share a picture of our fabulous Holes display. The children have worked really hard to produce lots of high quality writing and artwork for our display. I wish our display boards were bigger so we could display everyone's fantastic work! Well done Year 6!


Our First Class Liturgy


We shared our first class liturgy of the year today in our classroom. Our theme was 'Sent to Preach the Kingdom of God.' This links in with our RE topic this term of 'The Kingdom of God.' We listened to some words from Scripture about spreading the Good News. Our first reading was from Jeremiah 1: 4-8 and then we listened to the words from Luke's Gospel (Luke 9:1-6). 


We thought about what we could do to spread to the Good News to our families. friends and neighbours. 


Term 1


Welcome to Year 6! 


Welcome back to school everyone! I am really looking forward to getting to know you all this term as we start our new academic year. We are very lucky in year 6 this year as we have Mrs Smith as well as myself and Mrs Swinerd to support learning. Mrs Smith is a fantastic teacher who joined our school family at Easter.


We have got a very busy term ahead! Here is a quick look at what we will be learning:


Maths: We are going to be focussing on using what we know about place value, four operations and shape to answer increasingly challenging questions related to reasoning and problem solving.


English: Our book this term is 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. This book would have normally been read in term 6 of year 5 but I have asked to have it moved to this term for us as I love the book and think you all will too! We are going to following the story and getting lots of good quiality writing out of it.



Science: We are going to be learning about the circulatory system, fosuccing on the heart and how blood is pumped around the body. 


Geography: We are going to be exploring maps this term. 


RE: Our topic is 'The Kingdom of God'  We are going to looking into what this is and what it means to us as Christians.


PE: We are going to be looking at developing our netball and football skills.