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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

End of RE topic Celebration

Term 5 - Life in the Risen Jesus


On Thursday 16th May 2024, we welcomed parents into our classroom to tell them everything we have been learning in RE this term. We have been learning about what happened after Jesus rose from the dead and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. We shared some of our information about what Catholics believe in the Apostle's Creed, some of the main changes in the Church after the Second Vatican Council and the different types of prayer, knowing that Jesus is always with us. 

Term 5 Class Assembly


On Thursday 16th May 2024 we shared our learning from this term with the whole school and parents. We shared learning from English, where we have been reading Beowulf. We read some instructions we wrote to catch Grendel and kennings. We then shared our Anglo-Saxon learning from history. We also welcomed everyone to the new game show...RE Today, where the contestants were asked questions all about the Second Vatican Council. To finish we shared prayers we wrote in RE about Jesus always being with us, followed by singing 'He'll be there'.

Class Mass


This morning, Wednesday 1st May, Year 5 celebrated their class mass with the theme of Mary as it is 1st May. We heard about when Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth in the Gospel and asked Mary for support and guidance throughout this special month of May. Canon Anthony came to celebrate mass along with some of our parents. After mass, we took some flowers to the foyer to place next to the statue of Our Lady.

Easter Bonnets and Decorated Eggs


We had some fabulous entries for our Easter Bonnets and decorated eggs from year 5!


Easter Cards


In year 5 we made our Easter cards using water colours and chalk pastels.


Mother's Day Cards


We made some flower-themed Mother's Day cards this year. Our messages inside were written in our home language. We hope you all enjoyed receiving your cards!

Dreamcatcher Art


We have been learning all about dreamcatchers in art. We researched what they are for and how they link to our USA topic in geography from terms 1 and 2. We then designed our own and made them using paper plates and our weaving skills. I think you will agree they have turned out brilliantly!

World Book Day 2024


What a brilliant day we have had! The children came in full of enthusiasm! We had some wonderful ideas for costumes showing our 'thoroughly thesaurus' theme! We read some books with year 1 and looked at how we choose a book to read!


Here are some pictures of what we got up to:

Amazing Artwork!


I just had to share the wonderful artwork that Year 5 finished at the end of term 3. The children have been learning about drawing portraits and used the work of Marten Jansen as inspiration to create these wonderful abstract portraits! We can't wait for you to see them up close in our learning showcase at the end of term 4!


RE Celebration - Wednesday 7th February 2024

Inspirational People


Today we shared the learning from our work on inspirational people. The children wrote the RE celebration themselves and were proud to share this with lots of our parents! The children talked about what makes an inspirational person and how Jesus taught us the beatitudes to help us follow His example. They also acted out the life of Pier Giorgio who was known as ‘the boy of the eight beatitudes’.

Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 6th February 2024


This Safer Internet Day we began the morning thinking about what online safety actually means, then we had a list of potential worries about using the internet, such as, cyberbullying, scams, trolls, unreliable information, online friends and seeing something scary. We had to rank these in order of what we are most worried about to least worried. We read the book ‘#Goldilocks – A hashtag cautionary tale’ , this was about a girl called Goldilocks who took pictures and videos in order to get more ‘likes’, this made her feel popular. As her popularity dwindled, she became desperate and trespassed into the three bears house! She was caught and in the end, the bears forgave her. She learnt her lesson – Think before you press send! We were very shocked to learn that some apps have age restrictions, apps like Tik Tok, Twitter and Instagram have an age restriction of 13. However, we were very surprised to learn that the age restriction for WhatsApp is 16. We thought about what we can do to leave a positive impact on the internet and we have created our own posters about this.

Litter Angels Winners - Rosie Duffield visits Year 5!


We were very lucky this afternoon to have a visit from our MP, Rosie Duffield! She came in to announce the winner and runners up for the Litter Angels competition we entered earlier in the year! All of the posters were incredible!


Our runners up were:





Our class winner was...




Well done!


Here are some pictures of our afternoon!


Look out for all of the posters, which will be put up around the school gates soon!


Well done year 5, I am so proud of you!

Class Assembly - Thursday 18th January 2024


Today we shared our learning with the whole school and parents from term 3 so far. We have already looked at so much and tried to fit in as much as we could! We shared our learning of long multiplication in maths, expanded noun phrases in English, inspirational people in RE, earth and space in science, drawing eyes in art and learning to play the glockenspiel in music. As well as sharing some of our singing. 

Art - Drawing eyes


We started our Create term this week and had our first art lesson. In year 5 we are focusing on drawing the eye. We followed a 15 step guide to draw the eyes and I'm sure you can agree that the children produced some fabulous pieces of art! 

How to steal Christmas!


We channeled our inner Grinch and wrote instructions about how to steal Christmas! We loved writing these instructions and coming up with evil ways to steal Christmas! Here are some of our final published pieces...


Parent Showcase 13.12.23


We loved welcoming our parents into class today to share our learning in our driver subjects of geography and DT. We made some structures and we all wrote our own quizzes about the USA from our learning to test our parents...we're happy to report that they all passed with flying colours, well done parents!


St Nicolas Christmas Carols at Canterbury Cathedral


On Sunday 10th December a large number of year 5 joined other local schools to sing at the St Nicolas concert in Canterbury Cathedral. The children were all absolutely fantastic and sang beautifully. The represented St Thomas' wonderfully!

Catholic Social Teaching Workshops


On Monday 13th November 2023, we welcomed Maggie from CAFOD into class to do a workshop about some of the CST principles. We shared what we already know about the principles then looked at some scenarios to try and match them to a principle. We really enjoyed our session and then wrote prayers or letters to Pope Francis in reply to his Fretelli Tutti letter.

RE Celebration - Creation - Monday 16th October 2023


We welcomed parents into class to share our RE learning from this term. We have been looking at Creation. We got into groups and each planned our different parts for the celebration. We shared what we had learned about the story of Creation from Genesis, what Stewardship is and why it is important, the story of The Fall, gave examples of two of God’s great helpers, St Martin de Porres and St Francis of Assisi, explained what co-creators and de-creators are and why it is important to not litter.