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Year 4

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Times Table Rockstars


As a school, we are signed up to the wonderful online resource that is Times Table Rockstars.


It is a times tables game where the children can play a variety of challenges in order to improve their understanding of times tables. I can even set challenges!


This is a great resource to help with learning of times tables that are set for home learning each week.


The children have all been given their individual login details (recorded in their homework books) and were shown how to use the resource. They are already becoming quite competitive! A little bit as often as possible will make a huge difference! 


Just a reminder, details as follows:




Go to Login - School Pupils.


When School name box appears, type: CT1 1NE (St Thomas' Catholic Primary School Canterbury should appear).


Then enter unique individual username and password.


Enjoy and practice those times tables

Terms 3 and 4

Tuesday 26th March 2024

Stations of the Cross


Today, both year 3 and 4 visited St. Thomas’ Church in Canterbury to accompany Jesus on his journey through The Stations of the Cross.  This is one of the most simple, yet powerful, ways to prayerfully walk alongside Jesus and to reflect on his great sacrifice for us.


There are fourteen Stations of the Cross. Each is an invitation to contemplate and experience a pivotal moment from Jesus’ sentencing to his death to his burial. They are a powerful way to step into some of the most significant moments in human history and encounter Jesus like never before. One of the most impactful times to pray the Stations of the Cross is during Holy Week, especially on Good Friday.


There are traditionally fourteen Stations of the Cross. Each station represents a different moment in Jesus’ Passion and Death, including:

  1. Jesus is Condemned to Death
  2. Jesus Carries the Cross
  3. Jesus Falls for the First Time
  4. Jesus Meets His Mother
  5. Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross
  6. Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus
  7. Jesus Falls a Second Time
  8. Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem
  9. Jesus Falls a Third Time
  10. Jesus is Stripped of His Garments
  11. Jesus is Nailed to the Cross
  12. Jesus Dies on the Cross
  13. Jesus’ Body is Removed from the Cross
  14. Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

Parent Showcase

Monday 25th March 2024


Thank you to all parents who attended out year 4 showcase today. The children were all very excited to show their work they have enjoyed in our driver subjects - Art and Music.


Thank you also, for being such great sports and joining in with the showcase. The children were all very impressed with your music and artistic skills.

Monday 18th March 2024

Age UK visit


Today, year 4 visited Age UK in Canterbury to sing a selection of Easter songs to visitors to the centre. 


After, the children read some pages of their books to the people visiting the centre.


We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and we were grateful to lend our support to the local community.



Bhangra Dance Workshop

Wednesday 13th March 2024


Today, the whole of the school, including year 4, took part in a Bhangra Dance Workshop to help enrich knowledge of different cultures during a fun and educational session.


During this lively and joyous lesson, the children learnt how to dance Bhangra with our instructor Senjuti. They also learnt that Bhangra dance originated in the Indian subcontinent, the Punjab. Bhangra was traditionally danced at the time of the spring harvest festival and is an ideal workshop for bringing Diwali to your school.


In a typical performance, several dancers execute vigorous kicks, leaps, and bends of the body—often with upraised, thrusting arm or shoulder movements - to the accompaniment of short songs called boliyan and, most significantly, to the beat of a dhol (double-headed drum).


We embraced the challenge of learning a new style with enthusiasm and interest.

World Book Day

Thursday 7th March 2024


Today, we celebrated World Book Day by taking part in a number of interesting ‘book’ related activities.


First, we participated in a ‘What Kind of Reader Are You?’ quiz to explore our likes and enjoyments of reading.


Next, we shared our favourite books with each other - we even shared books written in another language! It was fun to find out what interests we all have and to share books and authors we have never heard of – this will certainly build on our library of texts for the future!


After, we participated in a ‘Masked Reader’ game show where we had to work out who the celebrity-masked reader was from three clues.


Finally, we completed a book review of our favourite book.


What a fun morning!

Class Liturgy 21st February 2024


Ash Wednesday


Year 4 celebrated Ash Wednesday by holding our own class liturgy. 


Lent explained


Lent is a time when we pray, do kind things for other people, give up things and give to others, as we prepare to celebrate the great feast of Easter.


For forty days, we accompany Jesus on his journey to Calvary and we see the mercy he shows towards others, despite his suffering. Just as God shows mercy towards us, like Jesus, we try to show mercy to others.


This Lent, we are also making our journey alongside families around the world living in poverty, especially those who do not have the basic things they need like enough nutritious food to eat.


We began with a hymn, followed by an opening prayer, scripture reading from Joel (2:12-13), the response, A CAFOD story, Lenten promises before finishing with more prayers and a final hymn.

Class Assembly

Thursday 8th February 2024


Thank you all who attended our class assembly on Thursday. We were able to showcase our learning for this term including RE, Maths, Art, English, Science and Music.


We finished the assembly by playing along, on the Ukelele, to 'Stand by me' - Well done all!



Deanery Day

Wednesday 7th February 2024


Year 4 headed to St. Anslem's School today to take part in the annual Team Building Deanery Day.


The morning session saw the children take part in a series of team building activities where they had to work well together to solve many problems. 


After lunch, all children took part in a benchball competition, against many different local schools.


I am please to say that the whole of year 4 displayed great teamwork, effort and most importantly sportsman and indeed sportswoman-ship throughout the day.



Safer Internet Day


Throughout our enjoyable Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 6th February 2024, Year 4 read the book Chicken Clicking by Tony Ross.


We discussed what mistakes Chicken Clicking had made in buying so many things online as well as the terrible error of arranging to meet someone that she had only talked to online as we all learnt that people could pretend to be anything and anyone! 


We 'hot seated' Chicken Clicking so that we could explain to her how dangerous her actions were. We also discussed what made us feel safe online and came up with strategies to keep ourselves safe and happy. To complete our day, we created an email to send to ‘Chicken Clicking’ regarding her behaviour and how to remain safe using the internet


Wow we were busy!