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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Dear Parents,


Welcome to Year 4!  This year, 2020, will go down in history. The world has changed for all of us.  As the Year 4 class teacher, I will do all I can to support your children and yourselves in these uncertain times, in terms of general ‘housekeeping’ challenges, well-being concerns and your child’s learning. If you do have anything you would like to discuss, I would be delighted to arrange a telephone appointment.

I look forward to being on this Year 4 journey with your children, working in partnership with you.  Mr Fawcett will be joining us on our journey through Year 4.


A few things I would like to highlight;

  • Please ensure only essential equipment is brought into school, such as packed lunch, PE uniform, homework diary, homework and reading book. This may also include a pencil case, a water bottle, and a healthy snack for morning break.
  • PE this term will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, weather permitting. Please can children have their full, clearly named, PE kit in school at all times. A pair of school tracksuit bottoms are recommended for the colder weather. We would appreciate that earrings are removed for PE days.
  • Homework will usually be given out on Fridays and expected in the following Friday. Details of homework will be recorded by children in their homework diary.  Each week children will receive a set of spellings to learn, a times table to focus on and a piece of written work or some maths calculations.
  • Children are also encouraged to read daily at home, preferably reading aloud to an adult who can discuss the text with them. Reading is to be recorded in their homework diary. 
  • Homework diaries can also be used as contact books between home and school.  



Our learning this term:


In English we will be basing our writing projects around the explorers of the Antarctic, where we will learn about the race to the South Pole. We will read all about the adventures of Ernest Shackleton and use this epic tale to produce a variety of our own writing, with a focus on newspaper reports and diary writing.

Each week, we will be having a focussed spelling, punctuation and grammar lesson, this term looking at word classes including pronouns.

We will also spend a lesson each week reading from a variety of sources and developing our comprehension skills.


A huge focus throughout Year 4 will be on the children quickly recalling multiplication facts up to 12x12.  We will be having weekly times tables tests in order for the children to fully focus on learning and recalling these facts that unlock so much of maths.

This term, we will start on number work, recognising the place value of each digit in a 4-digit number, ordering and comparing numbers up to and greater than 1,000, and looking at negative numbers.


The topic this term is States of Matter. Throughout this topic the children will be comparing and grouping materials together as to whether they are solids, liquids or gases. The children will observe that some materials change state when they are heated or cooled.  We will also be looking in detail at the water cycle.


Our RE work will begin with looking at the Bible, learning that it is one story told through many different books and it is through this book that God speaks to us.


Fitting in with our RE lessons we will be exploring the notion that God loves us in our differences. The children will recognise that we all grow and develop at a different rate and celebrate these differences.


Year 4 will revise, consolidate and extend their Languages work from Year 3.


We will be introducing the pupils to tag rugby including throwing, catching and passing.  We will be learning how to work in teams.


Throughout this term the children will be concentrating on their drawing skills and how to effectively use both pencil and charcoal to achieve light, tone and shade.


In conjunction with our science and history topics, we will be investigating and creating different means of transport that could be used to move people and possessions over ice and through water.

History / Geography

We will start this term by studying the Polar Regions, looking at the geography of these extreme lands and the history of the polar explorations. We will also be introducing the influential figure Nelson Mandela as part of our celebrations for Black History.


To start this year, we will be learning about beat and rhythm, and making music as a class.


Our focus for this term will be revising keys & functions, with typing practice.  We will be bringing ICT into all areas of the curriculum.




 Some Key dates:

Friday 16th October – DT Day. Images of work will be shared on the website.

Thursday 22nd October – Final Day of Term One for children.

Friday 23rd October – Staff Inset Day.

Year 4 Star of The Week

Awarded for conscientious learning and being a kind, supportive friend to all within the class.  

Well done! 





Reading (please record daily reading in homework diary)Spellings to be learnt by Thursday 22nd October

Times tables to be learnt by Thursday 22nd October

Find and explore the features of a newspaper report for Thursday 22nd October.



Term 1 DT Day: Designing vehicles that can move across the frozen lands of the Polar Regions

Year 4 Class Assembly 1st October

Sharing our RE learning on the story of Abraham and Sarah.

Sharing our English and Geography learning on Sir Ernest Shackleton's Expeditions.

Sharing our science learning on states of matter.