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Covid 19 Update page year 2:

Monday 30th March


Hello wonderful Year 2, 


All of my updates and information will now be on Tapestry.  Please make sure that you ask Mum or Dad to login and then you can have a look.




Friday 27th March


Well, today was my day to be in school with Mrs. Baylis.  We started the day with Joe Wicks in the hall - I was rather impressed with the skills of the children, they were far better than I was was!

We made clocks and started to look at how to tell the time.  Maybe you could make and decorate your own clock at home?  I would love to see your creations.

In phonics we looked at all of the different ways to make the a sound - how many can you come up with?  What rules do you know to help your spelling?

In the afternoon we went on a bug hunt and also looked for signs of spring.  It was lovely to see that spring is coming with blossom on the trees and some flowers out.


Now for the really exciting news.......we have Tapestry!!!!!  From Monday all of my updates will be on Tapestry and I really hope that you will write to me on it as well.  Go over and take a look at your account now, I have a welcome message for you as well as the start of a story that I will be reading to you.


Be good and stay well,


Miss Hill.


Thursday 26th March


Hello, hello, hello,


How are you all? Did you see the new photographs that I posted yesterday?  If anyone else wants to contact me or send photographs, don't forget you can find my email address on your St. Thomas' Challenge.

I ached a little bit after my Joe Wicks PE lesson yesterday, but I still took part today and I did find it a little bit easier, maybe tomorrow I'll be jumping around as much as I'm sure you are.



A baker in the making!

A baker in the making! 1
A baker in the making! 2
A baker in the making! 3
A baker in the making! 4

Wednesday 25th March


Hello my gang,

Guess what? I did it! I put on Joe Wicks and followed his PE lesson - I needed a really big cup of tea afterwards but it was an excellent start to the day and I shall definitely be joining in again tomorrow.

I hope that you are all OK.  If you want some different ideas for work to do I've posted a few below.  Remember, breaking your work up into small chunks will be better for your learning and for your parents' nerves! 

New ideas - you can do these in your purple/red books or on paper

Lovely to hear from you - I hope that your toys worked hard in their reading lesson!
Picture 1
Picture 2

Tuesday 24th March


Hello, how are you all?


I'm like you today as I'm having to do all of my schoolwork at home.

I know that in school everyone started with Joe Wicks' PE lesson - I didn't do this in my house, did you do it in yours?  I'm going to try very hard to do it tomorrow, but as you all know, I'm 929 years old so it could be a bit tricky for me!

I hope that you are getting on well with your work and also with your challenges.  Remember that you can email me to keep in touch and I'm trying to record something lovely for you all.


Take care and stay safe.



Monday 23rd March


Good Morning Sausages,

It is so strange without you all being here. It turns out, I miss you lots and lots! 


I will try to get on here every day and I am hoping you can email us occasionally with some photos of what you are up to - get your parents to let me know if I can post them on here for your friends to see.


I will also try to put a link to any 'You tube' videos I make so you can still see me and my beautiful face :@)  Get permission to view them!


I hope you have all started on your work packs - little and often so you don't get bored and push every button your families have. 


There is a list of additional resources below.


Alternative work that MUST be done is: some of your St. Thomas Challenges and lots of new things that you can send me a picture of e.g Can you learn to make a sandwich? Can you make your own bed? Can you learn (pretty please) to tie your own shoe laces? Can you learn to tell the time? Can you think of any more?  Let me know and I will add some great ideas.


Oodles of 2 metre apart hugs!


Miss Hill


*Phonics Play- lots of games and activities to support spelling and phonics- see notice and password below


*Teachers Pet - have a 10 day free home learning pack sorted into days and linked to ages.


*Twinkl – offering free resources for this period of time.  Includes video clips and powerpoints


*Classroom secrets – offering free school closure packs for each year group. Also has many online videos etc


*White Rose Maths – offering free packs at moment in case of school closure. All age linked materials.


*Oxford Owl free resources for primary school children including age matched and colour banded reading books.


Primary Leap – this is for primary school children and they offer a free subscription. You can, however, upgrade to a paid subscription from £3.75 per month.


Top Marks – primary free resources.


Rising Stars primary school resources, a lot of free resources.


Soft Schools primary school free resources.


Primary Resources free resources for primary school children


Every School– free resources for primary school children.


Have Fun Teaching – free resources and worksheets for primary school children.


Homeschool English Resources


Literacy Shed – Videos and worksheets to help with English for primary school children.


Puzzle Maker a free tool for making your own word puzzles.


Teach your monster to read – a free resource to help children learn to read.


Picture Book Explorers – there are a few resources or some paid topics to chose from.


Picture 1
Picture 2

Welcome to Year 2


We are Mary Anning Class

Term 4

Important dates for Term 3


  • DT day will be Friday 14th February
  • RE end of topic celebration will take place on Tuesday 11th February at 2.45pm. 
  • End of Term 3 is Friday 14th February. 
  • Term 4 begins on Monday 24th February.

Father Christmas came to visit

DT day - creating natural decorations

Important dates for Term 2


  • DT day will be Friday 6th December
  • End of Term 2 is Wednesday 18th December. 
  • Term 3 begins on Monday 6th January.

Important dates for Term 1

  • Meet the teacher is on Thursday 12th September in the Yr. 2 classroom straight after school. 
  • DT day will be Friday 11th October.
  • RE end of topic celebration will take place on Tuesday 15th October at 2.45pm. 
  • Parents’ Evenings are Wednesday 16th October and Thursday 17th October.
  • End of Term 1 is Friday 18th October. 
  • Term 2 begins on Tuesday 29th October.


For DT Day today we designed and made our own picture frames.