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Covid catch up page - Year 1 

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for our original letter, lists of websites and ideas and learning pack. 

Breaking News.

We are now all using Tapestry, which has a greater capacity for us to keep in touch. If you read this - please spread the word and look out for your joining email. If you have any problems please email me but do try as all communication will now be via Tapestry.

Mrs Brooker

Friday 27th March:


Today the children were treated to Miss Hill and Mrs Baylis who took great care of them.

As always the children started the day with Joe Wicks in the hall doing PE. Have a look below to see Kian and his family enjoying a PE workout.

Miss Hill briefly introduced time and she talked about the order of the day and what we do at different times of the day. The children  then made clocks which they took home.  


Phonics and spelling featured a/ai/ay.


During lunch the children built assault courses. 


In the afternoon they took part in a Bug hunt / signs of Spring hunt.


I spent most of the day holed up and working on our new curriculum for next year and on getting everyone on Tapestry.

If you have not signed on yet - make sure you do. I have left a little message for you.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Brooker



A lovely picture of Kian and his family enjoying Joe Wicks PE

Thursday 26th March

Today the children in school had the lovely Miss King, while Mr Devine and Mrs Brooker loaded all your names into Tapestry. You shared all the lovely things you did at home through Tapestry when you were in reception and now you get to do it again! We are all very excited as it means we will be able to much more easily keep in touch with you all.


The children in school today started with the register and then PE with Joe Wicks in hall. 


In Maths every child had  2 dice to begin and had to roll them and add the total. Some children went on to having three dice and some had slightly harder dice. They did this with far more enthusiasm than Miss King was expecting! 


They then went outside and pretended to be robots and gave directions. Then when they went back inside they used Year 1's new Bee Bots. This went down VERY well! 


In Phonics/ spelling they looked at ‘ful’ particularly words that ended in ‘ful’ and acted some of them out.

Cheerful, joyful, helpful, careful, powerful, peaceful etc. 

They chose a word from the list that they thought was really positive and wrote it in bubble writing (mostly!) and decorated it. 


After that they used the bug collectors from the Reception classroom and dug for worms and hunted for other bugs. 


We have heard from Luis again who has been thinking about the virus and why he can't come to school. He drew out all his thoughts in a picture and we hope that has helped him feel a bit better. We are sharing his lovely picture below. If you look closely then you can see the naughty virus and an ambulance and the wonderful doctors and nurses who work in the hospitals to help us.

This is a very hard time for all of us, we miss you all very much but if you can stay at home then you must. We will be here waiting for you when school opens again. It won't be forever!


It was also lovely to hear from Teddy again and to see Chloe. 

New ideas for you to try! (You must have parental permission to go online!)

Thursday 26th March


Good morning lovely year ones.


We are really missing you all and hope you are keeping well- and behaving for your mum!


We hope you have been enjoying the sunshine. Can you guess whose shadow this is?

Perhaps in your garden you can take some photos or pictures of shadows for us to guess.

Guess the shadow

Today we were in the hall and followed Joe Wicks PE session on Youtube. I don’t know about you, but I am really enjoying starting the day this way! 


Then in phonics we explored  different ways to make “ee” using phonicsplay. How many different ways did you find? You could be a phonics detective and see if you can find any in your reading book.


In maths, we tried counting in 2s- we drew a giant beanstalk using chalk and then wrote the numbers in the leaves. You could have a go at home and draw a giant beanstalk.What numbers will you choose?


We listened to Jack and the Beanstalk on and drew what we thought would be at the top of the beanstalk. 


Talking of things growing, the sunflowers have started to grow and soon they will need to be replanted into a bigger pot. We wonder how tall your sunflower is?


Teddy has been in touch to share this photo of him reading, somewhere rather unusual! Keep reading Teddy! He has also been reading stories to his little sister. not only that, but he been busy helping in the garden and starting some of his home learning pack.

Today Luis did some PE with Joe Wicks again, then he baked some cakes and licked the spoon A LOT!!
After lunch he did some science, a bit of reading and finished off munching some cakes 🍰
Luis is missing his friends massively. He says 'hi' to you all.

Look after yourselves and your family.


Mrs Brooker, Mrs Harris and Mrs Loosley

Wednesday 25th March


Hello all our fabulous onesies,


Yesterday was another lovely day with lots of sunshine. We welcomed some new faces and missed some children that weren't able to come in.

Our Sunflowers continue to grow but we forgot to take a picture.


We started the day with Joe Wicks doing some strenuous PE in the hall. We all had our own mats so we could keep apart. Even the teachers joined in.


Then we did lots of phonics and spelling/ reading work online. The children found a Tarzan sound which began to get a bit annoying and was hurting Mrs Brooker's ears and led to a conversation about films. Because of this we ended up watching a short cartoon about Tarzan and also while we worked in the afternoon listened to the Phil Collins Tarzan soundtrack as well as singing some Mary Poppins songs.


We followed this with some painting and an afternoon deciding on our own learning - most opted for outdoor PE.


It was lovely to hear from Carlos and his family - please do get in touch and let us know what you are up to. We love to hear from you.


Mrs Brooker, Mrs Harris and Mrs Loosley


Some new ideas for you at home!

Tuesday 24th March


Hello onesies,


It was lovely to hear from Luis last night. He has been working very hard at home. He did his next spelling test, he chose to do some maths, he
drew something in the garden, did some star jumps and then did some writing. WAY TO GO LUIS! 


The children in school, made a mobile, learnt some Italian and had a colouring competition among other things. They also heard two of our favourite stories, Supertato and Traction Man. We got them videoed but we are trying to find a safe way to upload them as they are too big to go on this website - watch this space!


Nela is in charge of watering the sunflowers and has taken great care of the ones left in school. We will try to post a picture of them tomorrow. We hope your plants are doing well - has anyone's bean sprouted yet? Don't forget to send us an email and maybe a photo? Ask your parents and ask them to let us know if any pictures sent are just for us to see or if we can put them on the website.


Mrs Brooker, Mrs Harris and Mrs Loosely.





Monday 23rd March 

Hello year one lovelies, 


We are all missing you already!


 Teddy, Alexa, Bella, Kaydan, Alex, Christlyn and Leya, we didn’t get to say goodbye to you so we hope you are all well. We look forward to when we can see the whole class again. 

We sent home lots of ideas for you to do and each day we will send a little message for you all and any more lovely ideas we find. 

The best idea is to come up with a timetable and in between your lessons don’t forget to play or do something fun. No fighting with your siblings and getting on your parents last nerves because they will tell us ! 

Here is an example timetable but have fun making up your own. 

9.00 phonics play - see below for password. 

9.30  Do some writing. You can do this on your own ! Don’t forget to illustrate your work. ( I have added a diary below or keep your own or make up your own story.)

10.00 White Rose Maths (if you can get online) or a maths sheet from your pack. See below. 


10.30 Have a break. Read a book - do a puzzle-  buid a Lego model. 

Up till lunch - do something else! BBC Radio Schools Jack and the Beanstalk-  paint a picture- do some science - do some gardening. 

We really hope these ideas help. Don’t forget you have an email address so send us some pictures of what you are up to.

Stay safe and keep washing your hands properly.   

Mrs Brooker, Mrs Harris and Mrs Loosely. 








Welcome to Year 1

Attenborough Class

We chose 'Attenborough' as our class name because in year one we learn about the world we live in, seasonal change, all about animals and how God gave us the world to look after.

Sir David Attenborough tries to help people understand how to save the world and the animals on it.

Look out here for your 'star'. The first golden assembly will be on September 13th 2019.


Spelling Homework

Meet The Teacher Meeting 11.09.19


Thank you to all those who were able to attend. It was very much appreciated and we enjoyed meeting you.

Please find a copy of the slide show information below.


Mrs Brooker and Mrs Harris

Welcome to Term 4


It is hard to believe we have now passed the halfway point in the year and that now as we prepare for Easter, that we also start to think about your children moving up to year 2.

Please take the time to read the newsletter as it has a lot of information on there for you and ideas for supporting your child's learning.


This terms topic is 'Growth and Change'.

Corona Virus Update for Year 1


Dear Parents and Carers,


With all the concerns over the corona virus outbreak and how this might impact school and your child’s learning, we wanted to offer you some ideas to help you continue their education during any potential school closure or should the need arise for you to self-isolate.


We also appreciate that keeping your children engaged in their learning whilst at home is not going to be easy and so we have prepared matched content for your child that can be completed both independently or with adult support.


MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL - please read to and with your children. Read anything and everything! Oxford Owl offer an online library of books and you can filter them by colour band so that your child is reading a book matched to their ability.  


For independent learning and games, we have attached a list of sites that are offering free access at this time. Learning online on these sites is a great way for your child to work independently but please remember: it is vitally important that your child’s screen time is of a sensible daily amount and that they are near you so that they do not stray onto any site or content they should not be accessing or that is age inappropriate.


For more practical resources and worksheets, we have included a learning pack matched to the Year 1 content and a timetable of what they will be missing for that week in school. 


Lastly there is a fun timetable of things to do which are not web or worksheet based. 




The Year 1 Team




Mrs Brooker, Mrs Harris and Mrs Loosley.


Week beginning






Length and height  

 Place value to 50 –

Count in 2’s and 10s

Ensure your child knows Phase 3 and word build with these words

Writing pack included – or keep a daily diary

Life cycles


Frogs- flowers


Vincent Van Gogh- Sunfllowers


Watch a weather forecast – be a forecaster


Colour mixing - painting


Weight and Mass - revise addition and subtraction

Count in 2’s and 10s

Ensure your child knows Phase 5 and word build with these words

Identifying common trees and flowers e.g

What is a rose? Daffodil? Etc


Spring- revisit the seasons


Notice differences in length of the day and weather


Lightening and darkening colours using black and white


Close observational drawing or looking at seeds in fruits


Addition and subtraction up to 20

Count in 2’s and 10s

Phase 5 families e.g ai, ay, a-e, a, eigh all make the same sound

Palm Sunday story and palm crafts


The Easter Story

Easter Crafts

Easter Baking

Suggested post Easter

Pack included

Work on any gaps from above



Free Websites and Online resources. 

Please note all parents are responsible for ensuring that children are safe online and do not stray off of these safe, educational sites.


*Phonics Play -for younger children learning how to use Phonics. Free access for school closures

*Teachers Pet - have a 10 day free home learning pack sorted into days and linked to ages.


*Twinkl – offering free resources for this period of time.  Includes video clips and powerpoints


*Classroom secrets – offering free school closure packs for each year group. Also has many online videos etc


*White Rose Maths – offering free packs at moment in case of school closure. All age linked materials.


*Oxford Owl free resources for primary school children including age matched and colour banded reading books.


Primary Leap – this is for primary school children and they offer a free subscription. You can, however, upgrade to a paid subscription from £3.75 per month.


Top Marks – primary free resources.


Rising Stars primary school resources, a lot of free resources.


Soft Schools primary school free resources.


Primary Resources free resources for primary school children


Every School– free resources for primary school children.


Have Fun Teaching – free resources and worksheets for primary school children.


Homeschool English Resources


Literacy Shed – Videos and worksheets to help with English for primary school children.


Puzzle Maker a free tool for making your own word puzzles.


Teach your monster to read – a free resource to help children learn to read.