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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1



Safer Internet Day February 2024



We read the book “Digiduck’s Decision”.

It was a story about how Digiduck saw an unkind picture of his friend while playing an online game and had to decide what to do. We talked about what Digiduck should do and how we should be kind to each other.

We though he should tell his parents about it so it could be reported.



How we keep safe online

 * We know that we must ask an adult before going online.


* We know that if we see something we do not like, we tell our parents.


* We will only play games that are suitable for our age.



Thank you to all who came to Meet the Teacher.

Explore from your front door!


Our first topic of year 1 looks at all of the wonderful places that are near to us as well as thinking about what we like and dislike about living in Canterbury.