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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Attenborough Class

We chose 'Attenborough' as our class name because in year one we learn about the world we live in, seasonal change, all about animals and how God gave us the world to look after.

Sir David Attenborough tries to help people understand how to save the world and the animals on it.

Easter & Pentacost Terms

Year 1 Class Mass - PEACE

Epiphany & Lent Terms






We had great fun on World Book day sharing some of the books we love to read at school and at home.

We each drew the front cover of our favourite book and wrote why we enjoy reading it!

Here is a selection of our work!

A selection of our work from World Book Day!

The Beginning of Our Lenten Journey

Internet Safety Day

On our Internet Safety day, Year 1, enjoyed listening to the story of Digiduck and his friends. After discussing his possible choices, the pupils wrote some helpful suggestions on how to use the internet safely and also how to be a good friend.  I am sure Wise Owl would be proud of your answers!


The Feast of the Epiphany

Our whole school (and a surprise guest) celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany, at St. Thomas' Catholic Church, which was a great way to begin 2022 altogether.

A great big 'Thank you' to all those parents who were able to attended our very first assembly where we celebrated all our hard work completed throughout our first Religious Education topic, God's Great Plan. The children certainly enjoyed sharing their work with you and we were so proud of how confidently they delivered their words. We hope you enjoyed it too!

Anti-Bullying Week 2021: One Kind Word

This past week was National Anti-bullying Week so we spent extra time contemplating how we could challenge ourselves, even more, to live out 'kindness' in our everyday lives just as Jesus has taught us.


First, we thought of different ways we could show kindness to all those whom we meet both in and out of school.  We made a paper chain of kindness, writing down on every link one suggestion of how we could be kind. Although it was very long, I think the children are eager to keep adding to the chain!


We also thought about 'What a good friend might look like?' During this activity, the children began to think about which type of qualities a 'good friend' should have and whether they were working hard at being good friends to those around them.   


Well done everyone!