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DT Day Term 6


We all made a badge with our own design.

We then made a magnet for our parents with a self-portrait.


We all made a Pebble Pet and were given the challenge of using any of the materials and tools provided to create a home for our Pebble Pet. 



DT day Term 6!

Pirate Day!

Design Technology Day: Term 5


We began preparations for our a Pirate Day.

We are all very excited about Pirate Day and we are busy getting our costumes ready at home. 

Today we painted egg boxes ready to be turned into treasure chests as soon as they’re dry.

We then made clay coins to go inside our treasure chests. We will paint these with special gold paint once the clay has dried.


We painted a collaborative HUGE picture that we are going to put up in our classroom to set the scene. 

We worked together to make a big pirate ship that we can use in role play. 

We have been busy! We will update you with our finished results! 



Our Class Pirate Ship!

Design Technology Day!

We had such a fun time surprising Mrs. Penn for her birthday! The children loved planning the surprise!

Party games and preparations!

Birthday preparations continued!

What a delicious Tea Party!

The Big Picture! We looked at an overview of the Bible in a creative way.

We started at the beginning when God created the world. We collected treasures as we went along to remind us of all the amazing stories in the Bible. We couldn’t do them all as there are so many! But the ones we did kept sadly in our decorated matchbox. 

September 2020! 

What a great start to school!


'Meet the Teacher' Information Session