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Pupils Feature in Climate Emergency Music Video

Children from Years 5 and 6 were invited to join a powerful climate emergency music project to coincide with COP26 which took place in Glasgow early on in November 2021, by doing something they do best – singing!


Permission was given by the Band Aid Trust to produce climate emergency lyrics for the 1984 song ‘It's Christmas Time’. Nearly 40 years on, we have reached the point where we urgently need to act on climate change.


The children were asked to lend their voices to the new version of the song, entitled ‘It’s Action Time’, and we are pleased to announce that we have recently received the final version of the video. After a short introduction from actor Ewan McGregor, the video features children from St. Thomas’ Catholic Primary School performing ‘It’s Action Time’, in collaboration with children from schools both near and afar.


Huge congratulations to all the children involved, and a big thank you to Mrs Hall who composed the lyrics for ‘It’s Action Time’ and who led on this project!


Please click here to watch.