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Online Safety

Being online is providing a lifeline for everyone in society from the old to the young, workers and learners, and the vulnerable and curious. This is probably, therefore, a good time to remind ourselves of a few key points to keep safe online.


Whilst the teachers will only send home what is deemed to be safe online material, nothing online is without an element of risk. E.g Joe Wickes PE is a great way to start the day but is most easily accessed using ‘You Tube.’ The age range for this site is 13 and so children should not be left on there unsupervised.


As always, it's important to have open and honest conversations with your children about what they are doing online, and especially so at this point in time when they might be making more extensive use of technology. Check in on their technology use regularly.


Equally, keep the lines of conversation open for children if they have any concerns about anything they might have encountered online.


Social Media – Many children feel isolated, they miss their friends and just want to make social contact. Be very mindful of what media platform you use and keep the age of your child in mind. This is a time to remember to 'BE KIND ONLINE'.


Finally, have some routine and boundaries, you are in charge and probably all queueing to use the technology anyway – especially if you are working from home. Set time limits on what can be done online and never leave children to ‘their own devices’