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Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-bullying Week


Each year group took the opportunity to promote anti-bullying week in their own way. This is a flavour of what they did:


Year 1

In Year 1 we talked about making a choice and how we can all choose to say kind things to other people even if they aren’t our friends. We also talked about when we say unkind things it is not showing respect.

Everyone in the class wrote kind words about each other. We made posters showing these wonderful positive words and sentences.


Year 2

Year 2 looked at what bullying is. We worked under the theme of Choose Respect when thinking about how we treat everyone as well as how we can make sure we act when we see others not behaving respectfully.

As you can see from our photographs, we drew around our hands and wrote on words that we thought were the best ways to treat people and make sure that we respect each other.


Year 3

We discussed what bullying was and what bullying was not. We talked about respecting others, respecting property and using social media with respect. We worked in small groups, choosing people that we did not usually play with, to plan and act out scenarios that showed children being disrespectful and ended each scenario with another child showing how respect could have been shown. We freeze-framed each scenario and the children added speech bubbles to the freeze-frame.


Year 4

In year 4, we have been approaching the important topic of anti-bullying through a variety of tasks. Each child has worked hard to raise awareness by making friendship fans, creating anti-bullying posters and by creating a recipe for a good friend. The children have shown great respect and knowledge in this topic which was demonstrated through an anti-bullying reading comprehension.


Year 5

We spoke about what it means to show respect to others. We looked at examples from the world of sport of situations when respect was not shown and when it was. From this we put our own little drama scenarios together of what respect looks like and how we can show this to everyone, not just our friends. We created a respect and friendship wreath with our hand prints to show how we respect each other in our class family.


Year 6

In Year 6 we discussed what the word ‘bullying’ meant. What it is and what it is not. We decided that we should try and respect each other.

We made ‘Choose Respect’ badges which we will wear at school to remind us and everybody else to respect one another.