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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


We aim to always be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. 


We are all looking forward to the challenges and hard work that await us in Year 2.


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Term 6

Our last term together will be a busy one so please do keep checking in as information will be uploaded regularly.

Welcome to Term 5


Our penultimate term together is a very busy one.  Please do make sure that you read the newsletter that your child took home with them or find it on this website.


I was thrilled to see our artwork in the window of St. Thomas' Catholic Church's shop.  I think we have very talented artists in Yr 2!
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Welcome to Term 4!



This term we welcome Mr. Burton to the Year 2 teaching team.

Please do read our newsletter for full details of all that will be happening this term.


Important dates for this term:

Class Mass: Tuesday 19th March at 9am

DT day: Friday 29th March

Last day of Term 4: Friday 5th April

First day of Term 5: Tuesday 23rd April

Living Eggs Project


We were all really excited to carefully handle the baby chicks from Year 1.

Other Faiths' Week

Year 2 looked at Judaism this week where we learnt all about Jewish symbols and prayers.



Happy New Year!

Important dates for your diary:

SATs information sessions: Friday 25th January 2019

DT day: Friday 8th February 2019

RE celebration: Tuesday 12th February 2019

End of term: Friday 15th February 2019


 Please read our term 3 newsletter for detailed information about the term ahead.



The children have hit the ground running as we start our new topic of Fire! Fire! 

So far we have learnt a little about the Fire of London and as the term progresses, so will our knowledge of this event. 

During the Fire of London, Samuel Pepys buried his important documents, his wine collection and some Parmesan cheese in his garden to keep them safe from the fire.  Year 2 are thinking up which of their treasured possessions they would have buried.  Watch this space for their ideas......


The children decided that they would like to bury; sweets, toys, Lego, teddy bears, special blankets, a pencil case, photographs, dolls, badges, clothes, pocket money and a crocodile!





Important dates for your diary:

Meet the teacher is on Thursday 20th September in the Yr. 2 classroom straight after school.

DT day will be Friday 5th October.

Parents’ Evenings are 17th and 18th October,  

RE End of Topic Celebration will take place on Tuesday 9th October at 2.45pm.

For Black History month we are looking at the life of Mary Secole.


Your homework is to find out any facts that you can about this inspiring, brave lady.


You can find pictures of her or you can find out facts about her life and present them in any way you choose in your homework book.


Your homework is due in on MONDAY 15th OCTOBER