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St Thomas' Catholic Primary School


Miss L D'Agostini headteacher
St Thomas' Catholic Primary School
Military Road
Tel: 01227 462539
Fax: 01227 459655
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We are very proud of our school, which has served our local Catholic community since 1870.

The staff and governors of the school aim to provide the children with an education aspiring to the achievement of excellence.

We provide a caring and positive atmosphere, in keeping with our distinctive Catholic nature, in which a child may fulfil his/her potential and grow in self-confidence and respect for God, the people and environment around them.

We are committed to the ideal of a partnership in education between home, school and parish.

Prospective parents are always warmly invited to visit the school and meet the staff and children.

Please refer to our Contact page for details. 



St Thomas’ Catholic Primary School
Mission Statement
In all that we think and do and say,
In all our work and in our play,
Guide us, support us and watch over me.
All for Thee, O Jesus, all for Thee.


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