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Term 3:




Dear Parents,


Welcome to term 3 of year 1. We would like to thank you all for the very lovely cards, messages and gifts this Christmas. We very much hope that you had a joyful and relaxing time.


This term we are pleased to welcome Miss Rose, a training teacher who will be working alongside staff for the month of January, gaining an insight into teaching in Key stage 1. She has had a few contact days over the previous term so she can get to know the children in order to minimize any possible anxiety for them. Miss Rose has proved very popular already and we are very excited about the additional support another adult will offer. We are sure you will make her as welcome to this class family as you have all of us.


Last term was an extremely busy one and the children were a real credit to you especially with their beautiful singing and speaking during the Nativity in church. We would especially like to thank those parents who were able to assist with our walk to Westgate Gardens and on DT day last term, we couldn’t have done it without you.


Find out Fridays have proved very successful and will begin again on January 11th. We would like to assure all parents that as three working mums, we are aware that taking time off work is not an option for all and so attendance is not possible for everyone. We make sure we make a fuss of all the children at this short weekly session.


SHOW AND TELL. This term the children will continue with the same day of the week for their show and tell. On this day they may bring in something they have made, been awarded or tickets and photo’s perhaps of somewhere they have been. No toys will be permitted and the only exception to a change of date will be a child’s birthday, when they may stand up and talk about their day or party or bring in their cards to show for example.


P.E this term will continue to take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This term children will be completing a games and Dance unit. It is important that children have their PE kit and jumper (named) in school. PE Kits will be sent home every holiday for washing and so that you can check that plimsolls still fit etc. Please avoid wearing earrings on PE days. If your child still struggles with dressing or undressing, please could they practice this at home?


Important Date for Diary:


D.T Day: Friday 8th February 2019


Thank you for your support.


Mrs Brooker, Mrs Harris and Mrs Loosley. 

Home Learning


Phonics, counting, spelling, reading and handwriting. (Will be handed out Tuesday 8th Jan.)


DAILY READING: all children should read daily for 5-10 minutes and then talk about or answer questions on what they have read. All children will continue with their ‘book changing day’. If you have any concerns with the number of books being sent home – do pop a note in the yellow reading/contact book.


COUNTING: each week we will be practising counting in 2’s,5’s and 10’s (see home learning pack). Please count whenever and wherever you can with your child – also seeing how far they can count accurately would be amazing.


WEEKLY: handed out on a Monday and collected in or tested (spellings) on a Monday:


HANDWRITING: There will be a weekly handwriting sheet and we ask you to also practice this with them. Please supervise your child while they are making letter shapes as it is vitally important that they begin to form letters correctly. If your child struggles with handwriting then drawing, colouring and especially dot to dot and tracing are great exercises to do at home as they will probably not realise they are working!


PHONICS: A sheet will be given out with the timetable of which sounds will be taught, please reinforce these at home and look out for them when reading with your child.


SPELLING: This term we will be checking that the children can spell all their high frequency words – These were sent home in terms one and two and will now be sent home weekly. They may seem very easy to begin with but the children will be learning about simple testing as well. These words are the most commonly used words in reading and writing so being confident with them will really help your child.