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Living Eggs Project

On Monday 25th February as part of our Science work and Year One's topic work on growth and change- our Living Eggs Kit arrived in school.


This consisted of 10 hens eggs, an incubator and a first chicken house.


Day One

On Monday, we set up the incubator and began our wait.


Day Two

On Tuesday, nothing much happened although we did notice a tiny blemish on one of the eggs which we thought was a chick trying to hatch.


Day Three

On Wednesday, we found that the egg with the mark had moved overnight and a tiny crack had appeared in another egg and then another and then another!


During the course of the day our first chick (a boy called Gerald - thanks for that Miss Hill) hatched just before the home time bell so we could see it.

Day Four

Thursday was really exciting! When we came in there were eight chicks hatched. Gerald now had 2 brothers and 6 sisters.

Two eggs were left and one of them hatched just as we came to school!

Then there was one egg left - will it hatch?