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DT Day

Design Technology

This academic year at St. Thomas’ we have introduced Design Technology Days. Each term every class will cover a different aspect of the DT curriculum. So far it has been extremely successful with children enjoying the day hugely. The focus of Design Technology is more on the design process than the finished product. Therefore we have put great emphasis on the children experiencing all areas of the design process in one day.


We have used the model- the TASC WHEEL-


  • Gather/organise
  • Identify
  • Generate
  • Decide
  • Implement
  • Evaluate
  • Communicate
  • Learn from experience



We cover six key areas over the year-


1. Food

2. Textiles

3. Existing products and designs

4. Key events and individuals

5. Sheet materials

6. Construction


Towards the end of the school day a few members of each Year group will represent their class in the hall . This is an opportunity for parents to explore what each year group has been doing. The class representatives will be on hand to answer questions and parents will be able to see previous terms work by looking through our class ‘DT BIG BOOKS.’  Some classes may be able to show you some of their more finished designs/products. 


Each class record their design process in a class 'Big Book.'