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DT Day

DT Day - Term 6

Existing ideas and products

For DT day in term 6, year 3 took on the challenge of creating a useful resouce to support their organisational skills.

The criteria was that the design had to have an educational theme. 

As usual, year 3 were eager to accept the challenge!

DT Day - Term 5

Key events and individuals

For DT day in term 5, Year 3 celebrated Ancient Egypt.

First, we recreated the 3 Pyramids of Giza using a selection of materials. 

Then, we took part in the mummification process (a lot of fun was had and mess made at this point...).

Finally, we designed our own Scarab beetle and amulets.

WOW! What a day.


DT Day - Term 2

Sheet Materials

As it is Christmas we thought we would follow the theme and make….

A Christmas Sign

DT Day - 17/12/20

                 DT Day - Term 1


DT Day - 16/10/20