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Sports Day 2023


On Friday 14th July 2023, St. Thomas' was able to host our annual sports day, welcoming parents, grandparents, friends and siblings.


The first part of the morning saw the children taking part in a variety of challenges through our 'potted sports' activities. A mixture of throwing, athletic ability, dribbling and obstacle courses were expertly led by children from year 5 and 6.


The second part of our sports day featured 'track events' - all children competed in either a flat race, a novelty race or a relay race 


All children participated with energy, focus and sportsmanship during 'potted sports' and 'track events', earning points for their respective houses.


Thank you to all those who were able to attend our sports day - your support is invaluable.


In a very tight final standing - well done to each and every participant - a huge congratulations to St. Elizabeth's house for picking up the sports day trophy this year.

Year 4 Minilympics

7th June 2023


Year 4 took part in the Canterbury Minilympics on Wednesday 7th June 2023, at Birley’s Playing Fields in Canterbury. This event was organised by the outreach Team at Canterbury Christ Church University and The King’s School and featured 6 different schools from the surrounding area.


The day consisted of team athletics, sports science, field testing, cricket, and a fun discussion of healthy lifestyle and diet.


All children were impeccably behaved, competed with enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoyed the day.


"I loved playing cricket, I hit the ball really far." - Elena


"My favourite part of the day was the athletics, I got to take part in different sports." - Dominic


"I enjoyed using the different equipment to see how fast I could run." - Alexa


"Athletics, cricket and playing new sports was my highlight." - Dexter

highlight." - Dexter

Deanery Day - Year 6 - 24th May 2023


All students from Year 6 participated in the annual football and netball competition held at St. Anselm's Catholic School, with 5 other schools from the surrounding area.


All children took part in a 5-a-side football competition as well as a 7-a-side netball tournament (both split into a seperate girls and boys competition). 


All children participated with enthusiasm, skill and teamwork - to many, new skills where developed and transferable skills learnt. Well done to you all!


"Netball is not really my sport, but I enjoyed playing and learning new skills." (Matthew - year 6)


"I enjoyed the whole experience." (Jia - year 6)


"The day was split into two events and I liked participating in both." (Taiye- year 6)

Year 3/4 Football 2023


During term 5, selected children in Year groups 3 and 4 participated in a football competition in collaboration with Herne Bay and East Coastal School Sports Partnership. 


The children all participated with great energy, enthusiasm, sportsmanship and were a great credit to themselves and the school.


The team played 4 games - drawing 1 and narrowly being defeated in 3.


A huge well done to Alex, Ovoke and Jesse from year 3 and Dominic, Mikolaj, Max, Taya, Lilianna and Chloe from year 4 - you were all superstars!


"We're feeling nervous!" - Alex, Year 3


"I'm confident!" - Lilianna, Year 4


"I'm nervous but confident at the same time." - Mikolaj, Year 4


"I'm proud." - Dominic, Year 4

Deanery Day - Year 4 - 22nd March 2023


Year 4 headed to St. Anselm's Catholic School to take part in a team building day with 5 other catholic schools from the surrounding area.


The first part of the day saw teams divided and taking part in circuit-style activities to build team work, conflict management and develop personal skills.


The second part of the day saw St Thomas' participate in a Benchball competition against the other catholic schools.


Well done to all of you for your wonderful effort, sportsmanship and pride at representing the school.


"I loved taking part in the different activities" (Jaeden - Year 4)


"It was fun and I was tired" (Alexa - year 4)


"I tried my best all the time" (Lilianna - Year 4)

Cross Country 2023


On Wednesday 8th February 202311 children from across St Thomas' Catholic Primary School participated in a Cross Country competition hosted by the School Games team at Herne Bay High School.


The competition was split with over 300 children in total participating from different schools from the surrounding area.


Our Key Stage 1 team had to run 500 meters - Congratulations to Leon and Zymirah from year 2 who both placed very highly.

"I felt nervous and excited for the race." (Leon, Year 2).

"At first I was nervous but I enjoyed the running. It was fun!" (Zymirah, Year 2)


Our Key Stage 2 team was split into categories - including year groups and boy/girl races.


Representing Year 3/4 and running 1,000 meters were: Darcie (Year 3) and Jolena (Year 4) for the girls and Ovoke (Year 3) and Dominic (Year 4) for the boys. Again all children placed very highly in a field of very strong competitors.

"It was good and it was fun. It was nerve-racking at the start." (Jolena, Year 4)

"It was very tiring, a few people got in my way but I kept going." (Darcie, Year 3)

"I really liked it. I was filled with confidence from my team. I felt like I could win it!" (Dominic, Year 4)

" I was nervous at first then I started to get confident during the race. I kept going even when my chest started hurting." (Ovoke, Year 3)


Representing Year 5/6 and running 1,500 meters were: Esme (Year 5) and Neya (Year 6) for the girls and Santiago (Year 5), Isaac (Year 5) and Louis (Year 6) for the boys. In a field full of competitive runners, once again our children did not disappoint and all finished the race well positioned.

"I was exhausted after the race but it was fun and I had a good time. My team mates were cheering for me which was also helpful." (Neya, year 6)

"It was tiring running against lots of other girls, they were competitive but it was fun to be  a part of it and try my best." (Esme, Year 5)

"It was fun to cheer my team on but it was hard because we had to run really far!" (Louis, Year 6)

"I had hope and I believed I could do well." (Santiago, Year 5)

"Even though I didn't win I still had fun. My goal was to not stop running and I achieved that goal." (Isaac, Year 5)


All children participated with great sportsmanship, enthusiasm and pride as they battled across a variety of challenging terrains including concrete and a sports field.


A huge congratulations to every child who took part - we are all so very proud of you.


Mr Todd

Sports Day 2022


St. Thomas' was able to welcome back children and parents for our annual sports day this year. All children participated with enthusiasm, commitment and enjoyment during 'potted sports' and 'track events'.


Well done to each and every participant and a huge congratulations to St. Catherine's house for picking up the trophy.