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At St Thomas’ we believe in the value and importance of Physical Education for all. The whole staff are committed to continuous improvement of our PE and Sport provision, maintaining our good practice and offering high quality Physical Education in a totally inclusive environment.


The PE curriculum at St Thomas’ develops children’s knowledge, skills and understanding so that they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities.  PE promotes an understanding in children of their bodies in action, involving thoughtful selection and applying of skills whilst encouraging positive attitudes towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Through our curriculum we enable children to make informed choices about continuing to be physically active throughout their lives.


Sports Day 2016

Sports Day 2016 1
Sports Day 2016 2
Sports Day 2016 3
Sports Day 2016 4
Sports Day 2016 5
Sports Day 2016 6
Sports day was a fantastic day! The sun shone, we had lots of support and the children had a great time. Thank you to all the parents that came to support the children, and to those adults who raced (in a very competitive manner!).

Sportshall Athletics

Sportshall Athletics 1
Sportshall Athletics 2
Sportshall Athletics 3

Year 6 Sports Leaders organised a fantastic afternoon of Athletics for Year 1 and Year 2.


This has been taken from a report written by our Sports Leaders who evaluated the success of the afternoon!


'We found that it was tricky for us because the younger  pupils found it difficult to listen to our instructions. Mekha was in charge of collecting and adding up the scores, while Kacper was in charge of blowing the whistle to indicate the change of activities.'



Deanery Football/Netball Tournament

All children from Year 6 had the opportunity to represent the school at a Deanery Schools Football and Netball Competition. Both teams made it to the semi-final and we are incredibly proud of their achievements. Star Players were selected from each team and awarded certificates in Golden Assembly. Photographs of the competition can be seen on our PE display board!


Year 3 inter-house Bench Ball Competition


On the 9th February, the House Captains and the Sports Leaders organised and ran an inter-house bench ball competition for Year 3. The matches were very close and they all enjoyed the experience and played very well.


The winning house was St Thomas’… but everyone was a winner because they played so well.


Year 3 Inter-School Bench Ball Competition

Year 3 Inter-School Bench Ball Competition 1





Attendance at After School Sports Clubs

KS1 Gym Club

KS1 Gym Club 1
KS1 Gym Club 2
KS1 Gym Club 3
KS1 Gym Club 4
KS1 Gym Club 5
KS1 Gym Club 6

In KS1 we have, through our partnership with Herne Bay High School, a coach from a local Gymnastics club come to run an afterschool gym club.

The children learn how to warm up their bodies properly before they begin. They learn in small groups to plan and rehearse short routines using simple movements.

Look at the photos of us stretching!

Year 6 Play Leaders
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Our new Year 6 Play Leaders have been working hard to learn lots of new, energetic games to play with younger children at lunch time. Here are photographs of the children trying out some of their new games and testing their leadership skills with Reception Class. The children had a fantastic afternoon!

Class PE Leaders

Within out PE curriculum lessons, all children are given the opportunity to lead part of the lesson: the warm up, cool down or to be a team captain.

Team Building
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Children Year 4 travel to St Anselm's for a day of Team Building in the autumn. They represent the school fantastically and although it is not a competition, the children always come back to school ready to share what they had learnt about the importance of working as a team. Throughout the day, the children enjoyd a variety of games and also learn an energetic dance!